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Follow the instructions below in order to register a new title and burn a gold master for mass replication.

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Creating A Gold Master - Step by step guide


Create a new title

Use the ‘Create a new title’ form to register your new title. Enter a name for your new title and specify the copy protection features that you wish to apply to your title – select ‘Time limit’ if you wish to also set expiration dates on your files in addition to the basic copy protection features. Otherwise, select ‘Basic’.


Place an order

The status of the new title that you have created is 'NOT_PAID'. You now have to place a new order and pay for the copy protection. Select the radio button next to the title name, enter the number of discs that you wish to replicate/protect and then click 'Place order'.


Complete the payment

There are 2 copy protection fees: 1) A one-time fee for the protection of the master that is charged only on the first order of each title; 2) A per-disc copy protection fee that is charged every time you place an order for replicating discs, including repeat orders.


Ready to burn the gold master

The status of your title is now set to ‘PAID’ and you are ready to burn the Gold Master disc. You can burn the Gold Master before completing the payment but you have to complete it before sending the Gold Master to the replication plant. Otherwise the mastering process will fail.


Create a new project

Download and install the DVD Protection Toolkit. Run the software and select ‘Create a new project’.


Edit project

Add your files and folders to the project. The left panel displays all the files and folders in your project. The right panel displays only the files that can be protected. Check the files that you wish to protect. All other files that are not checked, or not listed will remain unprotected.


Set project options

Set the volume label of your disc. If you are protecting data file that are not program files then you can optionally set a global password, rename the default TrusCont Autorun filename, hide the default splash screen or set a custom splash screen. Refer to the interactive help on the software interface for additional info on each option.


Select copy protection method

Select the option ‘I want to burn a Gold Master for glass mastering’. The ‘Enable Enhanced Disc Verification’ option provides a slightly better copy protection level but increases the time it takes protected program files to load by a few seconds. This option is disabled by default.


Burn/save your project

Select ‘Burn now’ to burn the Gold Master disc. Select ‘Save project’ to save the project before burning. You can open saved projects at a later time if you wish to make any modifications. You can also open the same project and record it on a TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R in order to test your title with the copy protection before sending the Gold Master for replication.



Enter you’re your TrusCont account credentials and click ‘Login’. If you don’t remember your password you can reset it on TrusCont website. To reset your password, go to TrusCont website and click ‘Login’. Then click ‘Reset password’ and follow the instructions on the web page.


Select title and start recording

The software will automatically retrieve the list of titles from your account. Select the title for which you want to burn the Gold Master. You can burn multiple Gold Masters for the same title if you need to make modifications, but only the last Gold Master that you burn will be valid. All previous Gold Masters that you may have created will automatically be invalidated. Once your replication facility processes your Gold Master it becomes the final master and you will not be able to burn new Gold Masters for the same titles.

Mastering and Replication

Send your new Gold Master to your preferred replication plant.
Don't forget to make sure your replicator received the free software for replicators from TrusCont!
Without this software the discs that will be replicated will not contain any data. If your replicator doesn't have the TrusCont software please have him contact us in order to get it.

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