Buy Credits for Standard Media

Buy Credits for Securing Standard CD/DVD Discs

Activation Credits

Credits for limiting the use of DVDs and flash drives to specific number of computers or users. Your data is automatically activated and locked to the specific computer / user on the first use of the disk.
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50 - 599:$1.55
600 - 2999:$1.25
3000 - 5999:$0.99


Time Limit Credits

Credits for setting expiration dates on files recorded on CD/DVD/BD discs. This is an add-on credit. You also need the basic DVD protection Credits (for TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R), or Activation Credits (for regular CD/DVD/BD-R discs).
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50 - 599:$1.20
600 - 2999:$0.99
3000 - 5999:$0.90


What’s the difference between TrusCont discs and regular discs?

When using regular discs your data is not locked to the disc itself. The data is activated and locked to the first PC your customer uses. This requires the end user to have internet connection for the first time he uses the disc. The disc can be copied but all copies will work only on the same singe PC that is first used, even if the copies are made before using the original disc.

Can I allow end users to use more than one PC?

Yes, when recording your disc using the TrusCont DVD Protection Toolkit you simply specify the number of computers that each disc can work on. You will need 1 Activation Credit for each computer that you wish to enable. For example, recording 2 discs that are limited to 3 computers each will consume 6 Activation Credits from your account.

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Can I control the number of allowed PCs after recording my discs?

Yes, instead of using embedded activations you can burn discs that require activation codes. This will require the end user to enter an activation code on the first use on each PC. You can issue activation codes for customers on the management page and manage the number of allowed PCs for each of the codes at any time.

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What are the Time Limit Credits?

The Time Limit Credits are used for setting expiration dates on your files. The Time Limit feature is an add-on feature and cannot be used without the basic activation feature. You can set multiple different expiration dates for various files on your disc. You will need only one Time Limit Credit per disc regardless of the number of expiration dates you set on your files.


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