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Do you publish digital content?

TrusCont has a comprehensive suite of security & publishing solutions to meet your needs


USB Protection TrusCont Secure Flash Drive

A Dongle and USB Flash Drive with up to 32 GB of storage capacity for sofware and content protection

DVD Protection TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R

DVD-R media for protecting software and content files. Compatible with standard DVD readers and recorders

Software Protection Software Protection

Strong anti-piracy solution for software published DVD and USB Flash Drives

Content Protection Content Protection

Protect contect files such as documents, pictures, audio and video files, and web pages

Duplication Solutions Duplication Solutions

DVD and USB production and publishing solutions supported by TrusCont security products

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News and Events

February 02, 2011

TrusCont Brings USB Duplicators to a Whole New Level

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March 20, 2010

100% Free Security System for DVD-ROM Now Available from TrusCont

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February 02, 2010

TrusCont Founds A New 4-Party Consortium for Promoting the Use of Enhanced DVD-R in the US & Canada

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